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1 month ago @ 10:30PM

**NEW** Teammate of the Week - Billy Hutchins

When you are on a team, you MUST be fully accountable to your teammates and coaches. They rely and depend on you to consistently do your job and act in ways that benefit the team, not just yourself. Because your success and failure are closely intertwined with that of your teammates, as an Accountable Teammate you always must invest the time to consider how your words, behaviors, actions, reactions, energy levels, and even body language might affect your teammates. Your choices create a chain reaction that influences other events. You must get in the consistent habit of thinking before speaking and acting. You must consciously consider how your every action, interaction, and even inaction could impact your team.

This new award, Teammate of the Week, will recognize Gladiators that are accountable, positive and consistently building our Championship Culture!

This week's Fowlerville Athletics TEAMMATE OF THE WEEK is from the Boys Varsity Basketball team...CONGRATULATIONS to BILLY HUTCHINS!

Billy's teammates said the following:

“Great guy, couldn’t ask for a better teammate!”
“Billy makes everyone better!”
“Billy helped us change our culture!”
“Billy is always focused on making us better”
“He’s always there for me, he picks me up when I’m not doing well.”

Congratulations Billy - keep making a difference!



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