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8 months ago @ 12:50PM

Join the Fight for Literacy!

Join the Fight for Literacy and create a better future through the power of reading! Our mission is to leverage the power and influence of athletics to develop successful readers.

Fowlerville Community Schools and the Athletic Department are committed to joining the Fight for Literacy! Our mission is to leverage the power and influence of athletics to develop successful readers.

We are very excited to announce the addition of our new “Book Nook” lending library. The lending library will be located in the Competition Gym on home game nights and will contain a wide variety of children’s books for infants to teenagers and also book for adults!

Athletic Director Brian Osborn stated, “Children struggling to read need help and motivation. We are hoping that by providing this resource and the excitement of Fowlerville Athletics that we will help children realize their full potential!”

The project was brought together by FHS Media Specialist/Librarian Nancy Collins. Collins commented, "As a Fowlerville parent, teacher, and community member, I have spent many, many hours at the high school for games and events. I would have loved to have had access to books there for my children when they were younger and for myself as well. I'm excited that Gladiator families will be able to not only read these books at the school during events but also take them home if they would like to. We've provided many great books for everyone to enjoy!"



  • This library belongs to everyone!
  • Take a book for you or your child to read.
  • Return the book when you can and if you can.
  • Keep this library operating by donating books in good condition for other to read.
  • This library will be run by two FHS Students for their service project!
  • ENJOY!!


– 64% of American fourth graders are not reading at grade-level (National Assessment of Educational Progress)

– 85% of juveniles in the court system cannot read. (National Assessment of Adult Literacy, U.S. Department of Education)

– Illiteracy costs the U.S. at least $225 billion annually in non-productivity among the workforce, crime and loss of tax revenue. (National Council for Adult Learning, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor)


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